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The Berlin Wall Project in cooperation with the Outdoor Arts Foundation is proud to announce the opening of the Freedom Pavilion.

A chronological look into the buildup to the creation of the Berlin Wall, history’s role in sustaining its existence and finally, the fall of the wall.

Come join us and take a trip through world history and lose yourself in the tears of liberty.


HEAVENDROPt Angels of the Sky Exhibit

September 10, 2021. – 6:00-8:00 PM

HEAVENDROPt employs veterans and people with disabilities served by Evergreen Life Services to turn recycled parachutes into meaningful gifts.  The Lost art of the Berlin Wall is public art project through the Outdoor Arts Foundation.  O.A.F. and Evergreen Life Services/HEAVENDROPt have partnered to bring you two amazing exhibits!

  • Join us for a ribbon cutting to the HEAVENDROPt Exhibit
  • Experience Lost Art of Berlin Wall
  • Enjoy appetizers and refreshments
  • Shop the gift shops
  • Participate in fundraising games and raffles
  • Nominate local paratroopers for our 2022 Angels of the Sky Honorees.

Located in Freedom Pavilion inside the Citrus Park Town Mall next to the merry-go-round at 8021 Citrus Park Town, Tampa, FL 33652

The Lost Art of The Berlin Wall

When you talk about Berlin Wall, everyone has heard of and/or knows something about it.

The story of the lost wall and lost Berlin Wall Art Collection is know to few. The story starts after the Berlin Wall came down. Here I will tell the story leading up to the wall being built, the wall coming down, and the known facts involving the lost wall that is now being displayed for the first time ever.

I promise that you will learn something from this story, whatever your age or world history knowledge. This story, of course, will involve politics, and geography, and history. There will be Hero’s and Villains. The hero today may be the villain tomorrow. Still, I promise you to keep it from getting too deep that you feel stuck in the mud, or too superficial that you crave for more, or too intellectual that it goes over your head nor too linguistic that you stuck in a dictionary. Most of all, it involves real people, real sacrifice, real suffering, real death, and real hope and perseverance. Finally I will keep it short because attention spans seem to be dwindling. Now I’m going to tell you a story that you never heard before and may find incredulous, I expect you will find so interesting that you will put it on your bucket list to come to see one day while you can.


All stories have a beginning. This one begins August 13, 1961, almost 60 years ago today. I started this essay in real-time, December 19, 2020. On August 13th, 1961, World War Two was just 25 years ended, dozens of countries worldwide were either newly born or recently ended, President Kennedy was alive and well, championing democracy in the United States as our youngest elected President. The geopolitical world was a mess. Some countries had every flavor of leadership from capitalism (a country’s trade and industry are controlled by private owners for profit), socialism (the community as a whole own means of production, distribution, and exchange of goods,      Read More

Meet Our Resident Artist – Blue

We are so excited to have Blue join the team as our resident artist.  Not only will she be creating unique art using Berlin Wall as the canvas, she will be offering  live painting events and classes.

Terri Lynn Bluebird was born in 1992 on Fort Bragg’s military base in North Carolina. Her last name was given by her mother, being a member of the Lakota Sioux Tribe from Pine Ridge Reservation, South Dakota. Daughter of two decorated Army retiree’s, she swore the military path wasn’t for her until she had too much fun at her first attempt in college. The United States Army turned the dropout into a Health Care Specialist/Combat medic and Paratrooper. Hoping to tour the world, she ended up serving her first enlistment in her hometown. Making the best of her stay, she made history by becoming the 82nd Airborne Division’s First Female Paratrooper of the Year in 2015, a tradition that has been male dominated since its origin sixty-six years ago.

Terri earned her Bachelor’s of Fine Art in Printmaking in December of 2020. She has further ambitions to seek a Master’s of Fine Art in Drawing. ​​​​​​​

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The wall itself started as an overnight barbed wire creation in August of 1961. It resulted from the constant disputes of the “East” and “West” over the status of Allied occupied Berlin and Germany. It came to symbolize the Cold War and was the most “concrete” expression of the Iron Curtain that existed throughout the period. It evolved into the sophisticated security system of concrete walls, electric fences, guard towers, and no-man’s land.

On one side the free expression of the open society of West Berlin, while on the other was the blank walls of the repressed society that was East Berlin.

Now the East Berlin Wall and it’s story is featured at the Freedom Pavilion and in the art that has been created by very special artists.

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