Rainer Hildebrandt
Furniture Collection

A Symbol of Hope with a World Without Walls



Each piece of The Rainer Hildebrandt Furniture Collection is custom-made and includes:

Since each piece is unique, allow 6-8 weeks to be created. Quantity is limited.

Imagine showcasing this beautiful and rare historical artifact in your home or office. 

The Rainer Hildebrandt Collection

contains 350 authentic sections from the East German side of the Berlin Wall.  The slabs were acquired from the Zementwork Rudersdorf.  They were purchased just before the wall was dismantled in order to preserve history.   

Each slab is 3’ x 8’ and 3 inches thick, Stainless Steel table base legs are made with 4" x 4" tube steel , weighs approx. 800 pounds.  These pieces originate from what was once a symbol for the entire Cold War period, separating the east from the liberty of western life. Now a catalyst for freedom worldwide. Our designers have taken a piece of history and turned it into functional sculptural fine art for your home. Our tables and benches are the ideal settings for today’s modern furnishings.

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